Project Awakened Update

Anyone who has been following the Project Awakened Kickstarter will probably know by now that it has not been successfully funded. After the campaign ended, however, Phosphor Games has apparently been inundated with requests to make the campaign longer or add a PayPal option. In response, they’ve started a survey on the Project Awakened website to try and find out how much if they undertook another campaign. The survey asks whether you would pledge if the started taking pledges again, and how much you would pledge.

Basic gunplay in UE3 prototype

Basic gun play in UE3 prototype

The survey sets several targets for funding, rather lower than the project’s original goals on their Kickstarter page. Where the Kickstarter set a minimum of $500,000, the survey promises the game will begin development with between $350,000 and $500,000 promised. Full details follow:

If you tell us you will pledge…
$0 – $350K (around the amount we received during the Kickstarter campaign): while we will be eternally grateful for your support of our vision, we will be unable to take your funding. The project will be returned to the drawing board and continue on the long road it has been traveling on.

$350K – $500K:
– We will start the new 6 week fundraising campaign on via credit card and paypal. We will have all the same stretch goals, and all the same reward tiers (and more!) that we had in the Kickstarter Campaign
– we will HAVE a dedicated team working on the game!
– We will commit to having the Create-a-Player Sandbox Prototype for you later this year
– We will commit to getting to Closed Beta on Project Awakened by late 2014.

– Everything above, and we’ll move the closed beta up to the first half of 2014

$600K +
– We start working on all of the stretch goals for beta. This includes more single player missions, full MP support, better modding support, etc. Whatever we can get funded over time we’ll get into the game!

The Create-a-Player Sandbox Prototype mentioned above promises to be an expanded version of the Create-a-Player video released during the Kickstarter, shown below. It promises more abilities, proper outfits, more objects and AI.

With these lower funding targets, a possible point of concern is that the end product would be of lower quality. This game would, after all, only be worthwhile if it was very well-made. It is likely that the Project Awakened team expect to raise more than is promised in the survey. In any case, it is an exciting opportunity to have a chance to revive a game that has already failed funding once.



They made it! Team Phosphor have announced their new campaign through the Project Awakened site and Facebook page. The campaign should last 6 weeks, based on information given during the survey. Apparently 4000 backers pledged to pre-order the game. Head on down to on March 20 to make your pre-order.

A cropped version of the banner displayed on the Project Awakened site on March 19, 2013

A cropped version of the banner displayed on the Project Awakened site on March 19, 2013

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