Kickstarter: Project Awakened

Recently, I’ve gotten in to backing Kickstarters, and the latest of these is Project AwakenedKickstarter is a crowd funding source where a creator posts a project that they want to make or finish but can’t afford to, and asks people to pledge money to their game, normally in exchange for tiered rewards like a copy of the finished product, digital art books, wallpapers and things like that. Projects have about a month to gather funds on Kickstarter, and after that month is up, if the project’s goal has been met, the pledge money is charged, so you only end up paying if the project makes its target. I think Kickstarter is a particularly great thing for games because it allows developers to create games that a publisher would probably not be willing to pick up, like genres which are considered dead, or games that allegedly have “no market.”

A screenshot from the prototype in Unreal 3. The final game will be in Unreal 4.

Now, on to Project Awakened. Phosphor Games, a studio comprised of ex-Midway Games workers, want to make a third person action game like no other. Their concept exists in a slightly altered time line where several scientific advances were made in our recent history meaning that now, we have the ability to fully unlock human potential, i.e. super powers. When Midway was dissolved, they were working on a similar game, known as Hero. Project Awakened offers incredibly character customisation, with the ability to combine any powers in the game (which is looking like it’s gonna have almost anything you could dream up) to make your perfect hero. Instead of setting boundaries on the gameplay, it asks us as players to decide how to approach different scenarios.

Various sword use powers have been promised in addition to the standard fare.

The first thing I thought when I heard about the scope of this game was how ambitious it is. I’ve seen many games which promised a lot, but even if they did deliver, the finished product was lacking polish, or sometimes just not any fun. I was incredibly sceptical when I first looked at this Kickstarter, but after watching the video, I actually believe that they can probably pull this up. In any case, when the lowest reward tier that gets you a copy of the game is $25, or if you’re quick enough, the $20 early-bird deal, it’s probably well worth any risk.

For a prototype, I’m pretty impressed with the visuals.

I’d love to see this game get made. There’s so much potential here, and to my knowledge, there’s no game like it yet. Even if you’re not interested in backing it, please share the Kickstarter and/or Steam Greenlight links below, because I’m sure you know someone who is. Help get the word out.

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