So, you’ve found my blog, eh? I figured I’d take a moment to talk about myself and what I plan to do with this page.

I’m called Lion. It’s a nickname, given to me because of my mane-like hair, and probably the fact that I always land on my feet. I picked it up during high-school, where I studied to be an engineer. That… didn’t really go so well. I hated high school. I’m well acquainted with the art of procrastination, and my grades weren’t really up to scratch. I took a gap year (or several) before finally deciding that I wanted to study music at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, or WAAPA as it shall henceforth be known, and studied contemporary music. This was one of the best things I ever did. I made some great friends, learned a lot, and it gave me a bit more of a direction.

In addition to this blog, I have a band, although we’re still practising, so we don’t do many gigs.

Now, on to gaming. My first console was a Nintendo 64 with Star Wars: Pod Racer. I loved it. I’d played Mario and Sonic at a friend’s house, and it was great to finally have a console of my own.

These days, I mostly play shooters, but I love just about any type of game, if it ticks the right boxes. I also love it when games have good music. Music can add so much to any given moment, if used correctly. Narrative is important to me, although gameplay is probably more so. I have slugged through plenty of games for a good story, though.

With this blog, I intend to publish game reviews, and anything I have to say, mostly about or tangentially related to games. To give you something to read, I’m gonna post all the reccomendations I’ve written on Steam, because they read like mini-reviews anyway.

I think that’s more than enough from me for now. If you’ve read this far, thanks, and I hope in the time to come, I’ll be able to provide you with some useful information.

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3 Responses to Salutations

  1. Cool, gotta love video games. What sort of shooters?

  2. suzimorris says:

    Love your blog, Lion. 🙂

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